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Make standard operating procedures extraordinary

Improve safety, quality, and consistency with digital SOPs and automated workflows.

Make quality and safety standard

Improve performance and rigor with checklists that serve as a guideline for doing the work itself. Insert quality checks into SOPs to ensure high quality from the start and less rework at the end, and include safety measures as an integral part of processes instead of an afterthought.

Onboard new workers with ease

Improve your workers’ confidence that they’re doing a good job – and your own confidence in them. Arm your new workers with digital processes that go beyond checklists with easy-to-use picklists, photos, and references. Avoid confusion by showing only the steps needed based on current conditions.

Oversee progress from afar

Off-site managers can monitor real-time progress to ensure work is done correctly. Team leaders can even access multimedia from workers in the field including photos, videos, and audio files to spot-check work, while automatically geotagged records ensure workers are where they need to be.

Show how it's done

Provide additional guidance in the field with reference photos and videos, OSHA regulations, instruction manuals, quality guidelines, schematic drawings, statements of work, and more – whatever you need to make your worker’s handheld a field bible to get the job done.


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From actions to information: Building ‘smart’ into your field workforce

Like smart grids delivering data for ops and analytics, field teams can deliver a rich information flow while performing routine field work.

Integrating field operations into your safety culture

This webinar will discuss how digital inspections and SOPs can draw remote team members into your safety culture.

Physical distance, transit times, and less frequent communication make every aspect of fieldwork harder. It’s difficult enough to promote a culture of safety face-to-face: How do you even start to do it with field teams or lone workers?

Sean Kilpatrick  - Brown and Caldwell - 30% fewer hours

Sean Kilpatrick

Principal Engineer
Brown and Caldwell
We needed 30 percent fewer hours to manage and QA the data using Fulcrum as part of our current workflow compared to the previous all-paper method.
Aaron Vanover - tailor inspection fields

Aaron Vanover

Manager of Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Halton Company
We utilize logic to hide and show additional fields throughout the inspection process based on prior answers and options selected. This helps tailor each inspection to the actual product being looked at and guides inspectors accurately through this process.