Fulcrum is the industry-leading data collection platform that enables users to easily build custom apps for capturing information in the field. We make it simple for field service organizations to get the best data possible from their mobile teams. Replace your paper forms with a customizable digital version on Android and iOS devices.

From construction and engineering, to utilities, transportation, and disaster relief, we’re working to improve efficiency and enable better information and reporting from the field. We think the future of mobile workflow is in simplicity, ease-of-use, and frictionless use of inexpensive consumer technology to power business operations.

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  • launch iconAfter 11 years in operation and a plethora of experience in data collection, Fulcrum is launched by Spatial Networks, Inc in 2011.
  • marker iconIn 2014, we left our birthplace of Clearwater and moved the HQ to downtown St. Petersburg, FL. We love the energy down here!
  • team iconAn amazing app requires an amazing team. We currently employ a stellar group, working together to bring you top notch results.

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We're shaking up the mapping industry with our customized data collection solution and need an amazing team to do so. If you've got the chops, we want to hear from you.

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