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The Fulcrum developer API

May 7, 2012

We just wrapped up the first public release of our API, opening up the Fulcrum platform and mobile app to developers that want to integrate Fulcrum into their own platforms or databases. The API has existed from the beginning of Fulcrum’s development as a communication endpoint for the mobile app, and we’ve added some new functionality to allow complete writing and reading of data to and from your Fulcrum account via the API. We’ve also extended the documentation pages to cover the API endpoints, with examples and descriptions of how to use each. All that’s required to get started on hacking with the API is to login with your Fulcrum account and go to your user profile page. You’ll see a link at the bottom to the settings where you can generate an API key.

Alternately, you could populate Fulcrum forms from another system by sending POST requests containing your data models using Fulcrum’s form definitions. You can even define field conditions (for field visibility or requirement) to build in your own conditional logic.

Opening up the platform API to developers will allow for tighter integration of Fulcrum with other backend databases like ArcGIS Server, PostGIS, or others by simply writing some connector code to fetch data from your Fulcrum account. If you have any questions about using the API and want to learn more, or have an idea about how you might want to employ it in your own applications, just get in touch with us!