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Air Pollution Perception Survey

When environmental organizations want to hold corporations and governments responsible for environmental pollution, a study needs to be conduct to first of locals. This survey can be used with only a few individuals distributed throughout a community and results of the survey can be tabulated in minutes instead of days with pen and paper forms. Quickly find the source of environmental pollutants and start the process of holding polluters responsible.

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Air Pollution Perception Survey

How would you rate the overall air quality in your city now compared to last year?

What do you think are the main causes of air pollution in your city? Please select all applicable.

To what extent is the air pollution affecting you?

In which of the following ways are you affected? Please select all applicable.


Polluting companies should be fined even if it puts some jobs at risk.

Power stations and factories should switch to cleaner processes even if consumer bills and prices have to go up.

Government should do more to promote and encourage a better environment even if our taxes have to go up slightly.

Police should stop and check car emissions more frequently even if it causes traffic delays.

Improving the environment is the responsibility of every citizen.

Recycling programs should be put in place and promoted across the whole city.

I am actively involved in cleaning up the environment.

The pollution is out of my control and I cannot do anything to change it.

I do not see the pollution as a problem.

If I knew how to better contribute to a cleaner environment, I would take action.

How much concern do you have on the effects of these environmental issues on your personal health or well-being?

Please rank on your level of concern, with 1 - highest concern and 7 - lowest concern.

Air pollution

Drinking water pollution

Garbage and solid waste

Global warming and climate change

Loss of green areas in city

Surface water (e.g. river, lakes) pollution

Unsafe food

Personal Details

What is your city and country of residence?

Please select your age range.


What is your occupation?

Average monthly household income?

Do you have additional comments about the air pollution situation in your city?

If you would like to receive more information on air pollution, climate change and transport, please provide your email address.