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Airfield Assessment App

Use the Airfield Assessment app to collect data about any airport or airfield. Document the amenities available, GPS locations, and other important information about the airfield. Surveyors can note the presence of available fuel, customs and immigration facilities, lights, as well as basic information such as operating hours. This app is fully customizable to your needs and works with or without internet connection.

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Airfield Assessment App

Location Details


Name of Airfield


Airport IATA Code

Airport Operation Hours

Airport Details

Largest Aircraft

Customs Facilities

Immigration Facilities

Jet Fuel Available

Aviation Fuel Available

Single Point Refuelling Capability

Airport Radar Present

NDB (Non-Directional Beacon)

VOR (VHF Omnidirectional Raging)

ILS (Instrument Landing System)

Approach Lights

Runway Lights

Lighting on Parking Ramp

Control Tower

Weather Facilities

Terminal Building

Base Operating Room