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Asphalt Maintenance Inspection

In order to maximize the life of asphalt in your parking lot, it is important to develop a pavement-management plan involving routine inspections and ongoing preventative maintenance schedules. This Asphalt Maintenance Inspection App covers common asphalt maintenance procedures for parking lots or streets. Make sure patching will be handled before it becomes a problem and causes damage to cars. If you maintain many lots or streets, this app will help keep teams in tune with operations and what corrective action is needed. You can customize the asphalt inspection app by adding, editing, or deleting form fields in our drag-and-drop app builder to suit your requirements, and it works offline in cases of low or lo internet connectivity.

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Asphalt Maintenance Inspection

Inspection Date

Inspection Time

Inspection Items

Salt / Deicing

Use salt only for ice management

Piles of accumulated salt removed in spring

Debris Cleanup

Clean porous pavement to remove sediment and organic debris on the pavement surface via vacuum street sweeper.

Adjacent non porous pavement vacuumed

Clean catch basins (if available)

Controlling Run-On

Adjacent vegetated areas show no signs of erosion and run-on to porous pavement

Outlet / Catch Basin Inspection

No evidence of blockage

Good condition, no need for cleaning/repair

Poorly Drained Pavement

Pavement has been pressure washed and vacuumed

Pavement Condition

No evidence of deterioration

No cuts from utilities visible

No evidence of improper design load applied

Signage / Stockpiling

Proper signage posted indicating usage for traffic load

No stockpiling of materials and no seal coating

Comments/Corrective Action

What correction is needed?

Due Date