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Automatic Sprinkler System Form

Keep your facilities in compliance and ready in case of a fire. This app allows you to document periodic testing and ensure consistent inspections. Many insurance companies will not cover damages caused by fire unless a company has documented that periodic inspections and maintenance have been performed on the facility’s sprinkler systems. Fulcrum provides a way to store your inspections in the cloud, where they are available at any time by anyone you grant access. Keep all your monthly, quarterly, annual and 5-year inspection documents accessible on your smartphone.

Automatic Sprinkler System Form iPhone, iPad Automatic Sprinkler System Form Android Automatic Sprinkler System Form Web, Desktop
Automatic Sprinkler System Form

General Information

Property Name

Contract #


Property Address

Phone Number

Inspection Date

This Report Covers


Gauges—normal water pressure maintained

Control Valves

In the correct (open or closed) position?

Sealed, locked, or supervised?


Free from damage or leaks?

Proper signage?

Alarm Valves

Free of damage


Retard chamber/alarm drains not leaking?


Alarm devices—free of damage

Hydraulic data nameplate—securely attached to riser/legible

Fire Department Connections

Visible and accessible

Coupling/swivels operate correctly

Plugs/caps are in place

Gaskets are not damaged

Identification signs are in place

Ball drip valve is functional

Pressure Reducing Valve

In the open position/not leaking

Maintaining downstream pressure

In good condition


Sprinklers (visible)

No damage or leaks

Free of corrosion, foreign material, or paint

Installed in proper orientation

Fluid in glass bulbs

Spare sprinklers—proper number and type. Complete with wrench?

Hangers and seismic bracing—not damaged or loose

Pipes and Fittings (visible)

In good condition/no external corrosion

No leaks or mechanical damage

Correct alignment—no external loads

Hose racks—inspected per NFPA 1962

Building—wet piping not exposed to freezing temperatures


Alarm valve interior including strainers, filters, and restriction orifice

Check valve—internal moves freely, in good condition

Obstruction inspection—no foreign or obstructing material found




Sign Date

License/Certification No.