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Battery and Charger Inspection Form

Batteries and chargers are costly equipment and should be regularly inspected and maintained to make sure they are continually in service. Use this Battery and Charger Inspection form to check that the battery case is free of cracks, cables are intact, electrolyte levels are in check, peak load test passes regulatory standards, and more. Customize this mobile form to ensure all battery and charger parts have been visually inspected, fully charged, and performance tested. Use the GPS feature to record precise inspection locations, with or without an internet connection.

Battery and Charger Inspection Form iPhone, iPad Battery and Charger Inspection Form Android Battery and Charger Inspection Form Web, Desktop
Battery and Charger Inspection Form



Inspection Date

Date Battery & Charger Installed

Battery Manufacturer

Battery Year

Rated Ampere Hour

Voltage Rating VDC

Battery Type

Charger Manufacturer

Charger Year

Charger Type

Ambient Temperature


Battery Cell



Battery jar & covers

Pilot cell

Relative density/specific gravity

Pilot Cell Voltage, Volts

Battery Tests

Peak Load Test

Steady Load Test

Impedance Test

Electrolyte Level

Equalize Batteries

Charger Inspection

Calibrate Voltmeter

Calibrate Ammeter

Clean Charger

Contacts, timers, relays


Meter Readings

DC Voltage, VDC

Amp Readings, A


Battery Room Temperature

Engineer/Supervisor Signature