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Beach Sanitary Survey App

The Beach Sanitary Survey app is designed to measure the overall conditions and quality of a beach by inspecting a variety of features including beach pollution, bather load, water samples, weather conditions, and much more. Multiple sample fields allow you to track multiple points on the beach, allowing for more accurate measurements. This app works online or offline, allowing you to record data where there is no signal, and sync it to the cloud later.

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Beach Sanitary Survey App

Survey Info

Name of Beach

Survey Time

Survey Date

Surveyor Name

General Beach Conditions

Wind Speed

Wind Direction

Weather Conditions

Wave Height

Wave Intensity

Tide Height

Comments / Observations

Water Quality

Water Temperature



Comments / Observations


Number of People In Water

Number of People Out of Water

Total Number of People Present

Pollution and Debris

Floatables Present?


Amount of Debris / Litter on Beach

Type of Debris found on Beach

Amount of Algae in Nearshore Water

Amount of Algae on Beach

Types of Algae Found

Algae Color

Dead Animals Present?

Number of Dead Birds

Number of Dead Fish

Comments / Observations

Beach Photos