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Bioretention Illustrated

This app is intended to be used for conducting inspections of bioretention facilities and is designed to be used with Bioretention Illustrated: A Visual Guide for Constructing, Inspecting, Maintaining and Verifying the Bioretention Practice. This guide can be downloaded from the Chesapeake Stormwater Network website.

Created by: Stormwater Maintenance & Consulting

Bioretention Illustrated iPhone, iPad Bioretention Illustrated Android Bioretention Illustrated Web, Desktop
Bioretention Illustrated

Project Information

Client name

Site name

Site address

Facility ID

Inspection date

Inspector name

Overview Photos of Facility

Overview of facility


1. Inlet obstruction?

1a. Photo of inlet obstruction

2. Inlet erosion?

2a. Photo(s) of erosion

3. Is there pretreatment?

3a. Sediment in pretreatment

3b. Photo of pretreatment

4. Structural integrity

4a. Photo of pavement edges or structures

Structure of Facility

5. Surface area

5a. Photo of deviation from plans

5b. Measurements and description

6. Side slope erosion

6a. Photo of side slope erosion

7. Ponding volume

7a. Photo of condition preventing ponding

7b. Description of potential cause

Facility Bed

8. Bed sinking

8a. Photo of sinkhole

8b. Description of potential cause

9. Sediment caking

9a. Photo of sediment

Investigation Into Source of Sediment

9b. Description of potential source of sediment

9c. Photo of potential source of sediment

10. Standing water

10a. Photo of standing water, saturated soil, or other evidence

10b. Description of potential cause

11. Ponding depth

11a. Measurement between mulch bed and outlet of lowest elevation

12. Mulch depth and condition

12a. Photo of mulch

12b. Measurement of mulch depth

13. Trash

13a. Photo of trash

14. Bed erosion

14a. Photo of bed erosion


15. Vegetation cover

15a. Photo of bare areas

16. Vegetation condition

16a. Photo of vegetation in poor condition

16b. Number and type of plants needing replacement

17. Vegetation Maintenance

17a. Photo of maintenance problem


18. Condition of outlet and/or overflow

18a. Photo of obstruction or other problem

19. Underdrains

19a. Cleanouts (choose all that apply)

If "Other" was selected, describe the problem.

19b. Photos of cleanouts and inside of cleanouts


20. Description and severity of any other problem(s) at this facility

20a. Photo(s) of problem(s)

21. Additional comments, if needed

22. Additional photos, if needed