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Boundary and Security Fence Inspection Checklist

When running a construction site, it is crucial to consider the safety and security needs to protect not only your operation site but also the greater public. Use this inspection checklist to ensure that your temporary fencing, debris and dust barriers, waste segregation areas, and clear signage are installed and properly maintained. Ensure your project is adhering to good safety practices, eliminate liability issues, and avoid damage and the associated costs of leaving your site unprotected. Customize this form to accommodate the specific needs of your construction guidelines and local regulations. Works in both on and offline environments.

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Boundary and Security Fence Inspection Checklist


Inspector Name

Inspection Date


Inspection Location


Is the fencing constructed from suitable, dedicated materials with no holes or gaps?

Are the fencing panels difficult to climb?

Is access under or through the fence barricaded – ie no gaps throughout the construction process?

Is fencing erected on a firm foundation throughout the construction process?

Is the fencing installed on level ground – ie a lean of less than three degrees out of vertical?

Is the fence erected in a general straight line within the site boundary?

If you have temporary fencing, is it erected within the boundaries of the construction site? (If fencing protrudes onto public areas, you need permission from the council.)

Are electrical turrets external to the installed fence?

Is fencing stable and able to withstand any anticipated loads to which it will be subjected – including wind loads, persons attempting to scale it, forces caused by people in heavy pedestrian areas or impact forces from vehicles or plant?

Are adequate support brackets installed – especially if shade cloth, signage or advertisements are installed on any section of the fencing?

Do fencing gates provide the same level of security as the rest of the fence? (locks and chains should be fitted for added site security and safety)

Are gates overlapped so they can be locked easily, and are they reasonably level for opening safely?

Does signage on the fence include relevant information – including 24-hour emergency contact name and telephone numbers?

Are all fencing panels handled safely and stored in the flat (horizontal) position?

Is the fence regularly inspected (weekly, dependent on the work and activities are undertaken on site) to ensure it is safe, secure and still fit for purpose?