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Bridge Inspection Checklist

This bridge inspection checklist app can be continuously updated during routine inspections of a previously existing bridge. Sections include fields for inspecting bridge approaches, abutments, and deck. A majority of the elements are rated on a scale from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Poor’, with each section including comment and photo fields. Additionally, this app contains a status field for documenting the repair status of recorded issues. This app can be used both online and offline, in case of poor internet connection in the field.

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Bridge Inspection Checklist

General Information

Site Number

Road Name

Crossing Name

Date of Inspection

Left/Right Approaches


Bridge Ahead Signs Missing

Brushing Required

Fender Condition

Posted Load Rating

Road Surface Condition

Approach Photos

Approach Comments


Leg / Timber Cribs

Tie Backs

Bin Wall


Caps or Sills

Piles or Posts

Ballast Wall


Wing Wall


Abutment Photos

Abutment Comments


Running Deck

Running Planks



Deck Joints

Gravel Surface

Gravel Deck Depth

Overall Deck Condition

Deck Photos

Deck Comments