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Building Inspection App

Use this Building Inspection App to conduct general-overview quality inspections of existing commercial facilities, new construction, or homes. The app allows you to assess the general condition of the building, including options for checking the exterior, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical for damage or subpar installation. Photos can be taken and saved within the app for immediately documenting any issues. Data collected with this mobile building inspection checklist can be used for identifying needed property repairs, documenting issues, or conducting due diligence reporting. This app also works offline, in case of low internet connection inside of buildings or out in the field.

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Building Inspection App

General Info / Exterior


Address Number Clearly Visible?

Exterior Lights Functioning?

Vegetation Manicured?

Fire Hydrant Accessible?

Building Accessible to Emergency Vehicles?

Building Vandalism Present?

Windows Cracked or Damaged?

Exterior Photos

Electrical System

Electrical Panels Secured?

GFI Circuits Present Where Necessary?

Electrical Outlets and Switches Functioning?

Electrical Photos

HVAC System

Furnace Present?

Damage Present to Vents or Inlets?

Damage to Accessible Ductwork?

HVAC Photos

Plumbing System

Water Heater Heat Source

Water Damage Present on Walls

Leaking Connections?

Plumbing Photos