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Bus Route Travel Time Study

The Bus Route Travel Time Study app is designed for conducting traffic studies for public transit. You can collect information about ridership, service quality, traffic conditions, and timing for route travel between stops. Data could be combined with information about bus stops or passenger questionnaires to better understand transit service conditions at multiple times of day (peak vs. low traffic) under different congestion levels. You can customize this app to add any questions or data you feel is pertinent. Also, this app works with or without internet signal. Just sync when you get into an area with signal to save your work to the cloud.

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Bus Route Travel Time Study


Boarding Time

Boarding Stop

Bus Route Name

Accidents Present Along Route?

Posted Speed Limit On Route

Traffic Conditions

Bus Interior Conditions

Total Passengers Boarding


Alighting Time

Alighting Stop

Total Passengers Alighting

Total Travel Time (minutes)