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Capacitor Testing App

Like any electrical component, capacitors are sensitive to voltage spikes and swings and require regular testing to ensure proper function and safety. Use the Capacitor Testing App to ensure your capacitor readings are within acceptable rating range. Follow the open and close test procedures, record multimeter readings, document capacitor positions after testing, and more. This app is 100% customizable to accommodate your specific testing requirements and will work in both on and offline environments.

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Capacitor Testing App


Name of Tester



Capacitor Location

Open Test

Put the control on "Manual"

With the control, "Open" ("Trip") the bank

"Open" the load-break cutouts

Wait at least 5 Minutes for the Capacitors to safely discharge


Switch Successfully Opened in


Replace any questionable switches

Close Test

Visually inspect the capacitor bank for any signs of problems

Please note any damage or repairs made.

Close all the cutouts

"Close" the bank using the control"

Verify all the oil / vacuum switches closed correctly

Check that the oil / vacuum switches open correctly

Switches Successfully Closed

Amp probe the leads from each cutout / oil or vacuum switch

Current readings

A Phase

B Phase

C Phase

Amp probe the neutral bus conductor past the last capacitor in the lead connecting to the system neutral

Neutral Reading

Are the readings within normal ranges?

Final Steps


Positions AFTER Testing




Counter Reading on control

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