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CDBG Local Income Survey

The data collection app is designed to be used by local communities that decide to conduct their own income survey in order to qualify their service area for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. The survey can determine if a CDBG-funded activity designed to benefit an area generally qualifies as primarily benefiting LMI persons. For more information about how to conduct a local income survey, please see HUD’s income survey toolkit.

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CDBG Local Income Survey

Survey Introduction

[Community] is applying for state and federal funding assistance for community development projects. The application requires accurate reporting of the average current income level of local families and it is vital that your family participate. This survey is voluntary and your individual responses will be kept confidential.


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Is the above address correct?


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What is the combined total annual income of all family members living here before taxes?

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Income Card Section

Is the combined income of all family members residing at this address (including any related, dependent persons over 65 or working dependent children over 18) above or below then the amount below?

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Which category best describes you? (You may select more than one option.)

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Does your family rent or own this property?

Is any member of your family age 62 or over?

Do any of your family members have a physical or mental condition that limits their daily activities or ability to work?

Please share your phone number below if we can contact you with questions about your survey responses. We won't use your number for any other purpose or share it outside of the research team.