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Cessna 172 Preflight Checklist

This apps allows you to quickly conduct a preflight checklist for a Cessna 172 (non-G1000) aircraft. During the walk around answering certain questions with the incorrect answer will display a label that asks you to consider grounding the aircraft. This labeling is not all-inclusive and the pilot-in-command has the ultimate authority as to whether the aircraft is safe to fly. This app works offline, in case of no internet signal.

If you wish to request a preflight checklist for your plane, please contact us directly at

Cessna 172 Preflight Checklist iPhone, iPad Cessna 172 Preflight Checklist Android Cessna 172 Preflight Checklist Web, Desktop
Cessna 172 Preflight Checklist

Preflight Inspection

Aircraft Tail Number

Date of Flight

Time of Flight


Aircraft docs (ARROW)

Please locate all documents before proceeding.

Weight & Balance Completed?

Please complete W&B before proceeding.

Parking Brake

Control wheel lock


Note and check next service time.


Avionics Power Switch

Master Switch

Fuel quantity indicators

Verify fuel in wings or request fuel.

Pitot Heat

Note and consider grounding the flight if flying through potential icing conditions.

Avionics Power Switch

Avionics Cooling Fan

Avionics Power Switch

Static Pressure Alt Src Valve

Annunciator Panel Test

Note which are not working and consider grounding your flight.


Master Switch

Fuel shutoff valve

Fuselage and Empenage

Baggage Door


Rudder Gust Lock

Tail Tie-Down

Control surfaces

Note and cancel flight

Trim Tab

Note and cancel flight.


Right wing

Right Wing tie-down

Right Aileron

Note and cancel flight.

Right Wing Flaps

Note and cancel flight.

Right Main Wheel Tire

Note and cancel flight

Right Main Brakes

Right Wing Fuel Tank Sumps

Right Wing Fuel Quantity

Right Wing Fuel Filler Cap


Engine oil level

Amount added

Fuel Strainer

Propeller and Spinner

Alternator belt

Air intake

Carburetor air filter

Nose wheel strut & tire

Landing Lights

Left wing

Left Wing tie-down

Left Aileron

Note and cancel flight.

Left Wing Flaps

Note and cancel flight.

Left Main Wheel Tire

Note and cancel flight

Left Main Brakes

Left Wing Fuel Tank Sumps

Left Wing Fuel Quantity

Left Wing Fuel Filler Cap

Pitot tube

Stall Warning Tab

Landing/Taxi Light(s)

Before starting engine

Preflight inspection

Passenger Briefing

Seats, belts



Circuit breakers

Electrical Equip/Autopilot

Avionics Power Switch

Fuel Selector Valve

Fuel shutoff valve

Preflight inspection has been completed.