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Chemical Spill Report

In the event of a spill, it is important to report the incident to relevant authorities such as the EPA, National Response Center, or state or local officials depending on the threat caused by the hazard. Gather and organize all information related to the spill incident using this form. Identify the spill type, quantity spilled, spill location, and more to ensure emergency measures were taken to contain the spill and to prevent reoccurrence. Customize the report to accommodate the safety guidelines of specific construction projects. This form can be used with or without an internet connection.

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Chemical Spill Report



Primary Contractor


Incident Date

Person Reporting Spill or Incident







Type of Spill

Common Name of Spilled Substance

Estimated Quantity Spilled

Estimated Concentration

Date of Spill

Time Spill Started

Time Spill Ended

Spill to Land

Name of Site

Site Address

Spill to Water Body

Name of Water Body

Location of Discharge

Description of area from which spilled material may reach

Spill or Incident Report Form

If no spill describe incident

Actions Take

To contain spill or impact of incident

To clean up spill or recover from incident

To remove cleanup material

To Prevent reoccurrence

Person responsible for managing spill response




Spill Reporting Information

Where is the spill?

What spilled?

How much spilled?

How concentrated is the spilled material?

Who spilled the material?

Is anyone cleaning up the spill?

Are there resource damages (e.g. dead fish or oiled birds)?

Who is reporting the spill?

Your contact information