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Circuit Protection Checklist

Ensure that your electrical system meets all safety requirements and protect your facility against short-circuits and overloads with this mobile checklist. Check all mission-critical circuit components such as the switchboards, panel boards, switchgear and more in your electrical distribution systems, document any observations to inform necessary surge solutions, and verify that all circuit components have been properly inspected. You can use this customizable form in both on and offline environments.

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Circuit Protection Checklist





Name of circuit inspector

Contact number


Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Check machines and electrical panels that use safety switches, main circuit breakers or fused disconnects to protect against short-circuits, a National Electrical Code® (NEC®) requirement

Maintenance or Repair Operations (MRO)

Check your fuse and molded case circuit breaker inventory in electrical distribution equipment

Commission an arc flash study, electrical system review and personnel safety training for OSHA compliance

Electronic Circuits and Printed Circuit Boards (PCBS)

Does my printed circuit board need to be protected?

Where should I locate fuses? Do I need to access fuses?

Do I want only certified technicians to replace fuses?

What is circuit voltage?

What are downstream control or printed circuit board power requirements?

Am I selecting the right fuse (fast-acting or time-delay, amps, volts) for primary and secondary protection, and do they have the required agency certifications for my markets?

How should the fuse be mounted and does it need to be replaceable?

Do I need surge protection – for the power and data signals?

Do I need real time clock (RTC) backup, or peak power management?

Do I need inductors and transformers with performance characteristics to meet EMI shielding, elevated operating temperature conditions, space and other design constraints?

Industrial Control Panels

Does my industrial control panel need to be protected – main circuit breaker or fuse?

Check NEC® requirement (volts AC/DC) – power circuit versus control circuit

What is the role of safety switches or an external main disconnect?

What is the UL® 508A equipment SCCR requirement for point of installation?

What equipment SCCR do I need to comply with NEC and OSHA requirements?

Authenticate your molded case circuit breakers

Where should I locate or apply circuit breakers and/or fuses?

Motor circuit protection

Feeder circuit breakers

Protect critical or expensive components

Operator Interface

Do you need to access fuses?

What is the supply voltage?

What are the downstream circuit current requirements for motors (full load amps, FLA)?

Calculate the correct circuit breaker or fuse protection

Which circuit breaker or fuse should I specify in my UL 508A control panel?

Which fuse mounting should I choose

Do I need finger-safe components?

Which disconnect or accessories should I choose?

Do I need a power distribution block? Can I use a Class J power distribution fuse block to increase SCCR and reduce component count and overall cost?

Which disconnect or accessories should I choose?

Review communication for control panel trip

Does my control panel need surge protection? T