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Conservation Restriction Monitoring App

Conservation restrictions protect natural, scenic, and historic resources on privately-owned land, and they must be monitored annually by inspecting the property and connecting with the landowner. Use this app to monitor visits and document questions the landowner may have about the CR provisions. Record if the property has or soon will change ownership. Use this app to help create a better relationship with the Trustees and the owner. Have all visit documentation available on any smartphone, at any time.

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Conservation Restriction Monitoring App

Vist Info

Date of Monitoring Visit

CR Name

CR Number

Address of Restriction

Owner Info

Has ownership changed since last year?

Has there been a subdivision of the property in the last year?

Has the owner’s contact information changed in the last year?

Current Owner

Owner's Address

Owner's Phone Numer

Owner's Email

Preferred person(s) and method to contact for monitoring

Other Notes

Visit Information

Was the landowner or their representative contacted prior to visit?

Who was contacted and by whom?

Method of contact

Did the landowner/rep

Details of contact with landowner/rep

Names of all parties present at Monitoring Visit

Arrival Date

Arrival Time

Time spent on Property and/or w/ landowner

Land Use

Description of Current Land Use & Conditions on day of visit

Description of Current Land Use & Conditions

List any natural alterations since last monitoring visit

List any natural alterations details

List any man-made alterations since last monitoring visit and note location(s) on route map.

Man Made Details

Anything else (wildlife, property features, etc) of interest observed?

Points of interest for monitoring staff pertaining to future visits, landowner contact, access to the property

On-site Photos

Do you or the landowner have questions or requested follow up?

If so, please explain.

Any internal notes to add?

Internal Notes

Form Completion

Name of Staff

Title of Staff

Date Form Completed