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Construction Inspection Form App

Make sure your inspections are competent, complete, and always available to management. Ensuring thorough inspection is one of the most important elements in achieving a successful and safe construction project. Proper inspection requires sound procedural knowledge, effective inspection techniques, and complete and accurate documentation. This app will enable your inspectors to complete each project safely and efficiently. Stop wasting hours of time transcribing paper forms from the field into a database back in the office. With this app, foreman can be held accountable for corrective actions remotely and document their actions in the app. Prevent hazards before they become a liability to the project.

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Construction Inspection Form App

Location Info



ORG Code



Program Administration

OSHA Posting

Emergency Number/Contact Posted

Hazard Communication Program

Daily/Weekly Safety Meetings Held


Work Area Orderly

Adequate Lighting

Hand Washing/Toilet Facilities

Passage, Entry & Walkways Clear

Clean Eating/Dining Area

Fixed Date


Fire Prevention

Fire Extinguishers Available

Correct Extinguishers for Job

No smoking posted and enforced

Fixed Date



Electrical Hazards Posted

Drop Cords Protected

Underground Electrical Lines Staked

Lockout Procedures Utilitized

Access to Breakers Utilitized

Underground gas lines staked

Fixed Date


Hand & Power Tools

Hand tools in good working condition

Cords in good condition

All mechanical safeguards in place

Proper tools utilized for each job

Tools grounded or double insulated

Fixed Date


Heavy Equipment

Operations manual available

Brakes, lights, signals & alarms operable

Wheels chocked when necessary

Seat belts worn

Daily Inspection documented

Fixed Date


Barricades & Fencing

Site Fenced

Roadways & Sideways fenced

Floor openings planked or barricaded

Access/traffic controlled

Fixed Date


Material Storage Handling

Materials property stored/stacked

Dust protection adequate

Loads lifted correctly

Fixed Date


Excavations & Shoring

Shoring Proper for Soil & Depth

Adjacent Structures Properly Shored

Necessary ladders provided

Excavation barricaded

Spoil set back at least 2 feet

Equipment away from edge

Equipment ramps adequate

Fixed Date



Ladders in good condition

Side Rails extend 36" above landing

Proper for job & secure

Ladders fully open when in use

Fixed Date



Equipment in good condition

Scaffold is tied to structure

Guardrails, top, mid, toe board in place

Connections sound & secure

Planking cleats in place

Worker protected from failing objects

Fixed Date


Welding & Cutting

Screen & Shields in place

Electrical equipment grounded

Compressed gas cylinders secured/upright

Proper personnel protection utilized

Fire extinguishers immediately available

Welding cables in good condition

Fixed Date


Personal Protective Equipment

Hardhats worn

Gloves available & used

Steel toe foodwear

Eye protection utilized

Ear protection utilized

Safety belts & lanyards utilized

Respirators & masks utilized

Fixed Date