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Construction Stormwater Site Inspection Form

Maintain a construction stormwater pollution prevention plan to manage various elements and stages of the stormwater drainage system. Leverage this simple and on-the-go mobile inspection app for your construction site to ensure compliance with permit regulations and conditions. Gather accurate and up-to-date information on the inspection details of clearing limits, construction access, sediment controls, and more. Customize the inspection app to cater to the specific inspection needs required by your stormwater site. This app will work in both on and offline environments.

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Construction Stormwater Site Inspection Form


Project Name

Permit #

Inspection Date



Name of Certified Erosion Sediment Control Lead (CESCL)/ qualified Inspector

Approximate rainfall amount since last inspection

Approximate rainfall amount within last 24 hrs

Current Weather


Type of Inspection

Phase of Active Construction

Were all areas of construction and discharge points inspected?

Did you observe the presence of suspended sediment, turbidity, discoloration, and oil sheen?

Was a water quality sample taken during inspection?

Was there a turbid discharge 250 NTU or greater, or transparency 6 cm or less?

If yes, was it reported to Ecology?

Is pH sampling required?

Checked the observed status of all items.

1 Clearing Limits

Before beginning land disturbing activities are all clearing limits, natural resource areas (streams, wetlands, buffers, trees) protected with barriers or similar BMPs?

2 Construction Access

Construction access is stabilized with quarry spalls or equivalent BMP to prevent sediment from being tracked onto roads?

Sediment tracked onto the road way was cleaned thoroughly at the end of the day or more frequent as necessary

3 Control Flow Rates

Are flow control measures installed to control stormwater volumes and velocity during construction and do they protect downstream properties and waterways from erosion?

If permanent infiltration ponds are used for flow control during construction, are they protected from siltation?

4 Sediment Controls

All perimeter sediment controls installed, and maintained in accordance with the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

Sediment control BMPs has been constructed and functional as the first step of grading

Stormwater runoff from disturbed areas is directed to sediment removal BMP

Inspected By