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Daily Construction Report App (Contractor)

Our Daily Construction Report app allows you to capture a daily log report for a construction site. It can also be used to track daily weather and site conditions. Contractors can collect notes about material deliveries, on-site equipment and the number of personnel working each day. It utilizes a signature field to capture a permanent record of the daily logs signed by an inspector or manager. You can fully and easily customize this daily construction report app by adding, deleting or editing the form fields in our drag-and-drop app builder. This app captures photos, spatial video, and text and geo fields for documenting changes to and walkthroughs of your project. In case of low or no internet signal, this app allows you to collect data offline without stopping work. Simply sync up whenever you are connected to the internet again.

Daily Construction Report App (Contractor) iPhone, iPad Daily Construction Report App (Contractor) Android Daily Construction Report App (Contractor) Web, Desktop
Daily Construction Report App (Contractor)

Basic Information

Daily Report Number



Project Number

Project Name



Site Conditions

Temperature Low

Temperature High


Remarks (Describe any significant events, accomplishments, materials or equipment on-site, and the number of personnel on site)

Project Leader Comments

Exceptions / Defects

Contract Date

Completion Date

Work Complete (%)

Number of Workers

Probable Completion Date

Supervisor Signature