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Crane Pre-Use Inspection Checklist

Use this Crane Inspection Checklist prior to beginning operation of any mobile cranes. Check the engine fluid level, reeving, tire pressure, hoist control, swing brake, and other visual and operational components of each crane. Identify safety hazards such as leakage, cracks, inflation, excessive wear, etc. Thoroughly and frequently inspect cranes for any defects, taking photo records of visual wear or damage, and take corrective actions as recommended. This inspection app works in both on and offline environments, and is customizable to accommodate your models and processes.

Crane Pre-Use Inspection Checklist iPhone, iPad Crane Pre-Use Inspection Checklist Android Crane Pre-Use Inspection Checklist Web, Desktop
Crane Pre-Use Inspection Checklist



Crane number

Project Location



Visual Inspection

Engine fluid level correct

Hydraulic fluid level correct

Hydraulic system exhibits no apparent weeping or leaks

Air system exhibits no audible leaks

Tire pressure acceptable and tire not damaged

Telescoping boom exhibits no damage to structure, wear pads, boom stops, or cylinder

Wire rope free of dirt, excess lube, kinks, and wires and spooled correctly

Reeving correct

Wedge sockets and wire rope clips not distorded, cracked, or missing

Block not damaged

Ball and hook is free to swivel and rotate

Guards are in place

Outrigger float(s) secured with pad pin


Handrails in place and not damaged

Operator’s manual in vehicle

Load chart legible and visible to operator

Hand signal chart visible to workers

Charged fire extinguisher in place

Cab glass not cracked and wipers are functional

Gauges and Indicators

Load moment indicator operational

Drum rotation indicator functioning

Boom length indicator functioning

Boom angle indicator functioning

Engine: hydraulic, air, electrical, oil pressure, temperature, and fuel Wire rope free of dirt, excess lube, kinks, and wires and spooled correctly

Operational Inspection

Correct counterweight for the load

Main hoist control functioning

Auxiliary hoist control functioning

Anti-two block in place and functioning

Swing brake

Lights and horns functional