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Curb Ramp Inspection Form

Curb ramps are essential in providing an accessible medium for commuters and pedestrians with mobility barriers. To provide equal access to city residents, periodic inspection on curb ramps is necessary for addressing compliance regarding accessibility, visibility, and other maintenance issues. Use this inspection form to ensure your curb ramp has a proper width, is ADA compliant, has visible paint markings, and more. Record the exact location of the curb ramp using the GPS feature, even without internet connection. Customize the form to accommodate your regional compliance guidelines.

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Curb Ramp Inspection Form


Last Update

Location Description

Location ID

Street Segment and Intersection (CNN)

Direction of the curb return

Position of the curb ramp on the return

Curb Ramp Evaluation

Condition score

Does the ramp have a detectable surface?

Is the path of travel critical for citizen access to vital facilities?

Is a curb ramp needed to preserve the path of travel in a heavy traffic area?

Is the lip too high?

Is there a problem with how the streets meets the curb ramp?

Is there a possible basement obstacle to building a new curb ramp?

Are there poles or hydrants in the curb ramp wing within 6" of the ramp?

Is the catch basin in the landing area in front of the curb ramp?

Is the curb ramp inside the path of travel/crosswalk?

Is the surface condition acceptable?

Is the slope of the sides of the ramp (i.e., the wings) less than 10%?

Is the curb ramp flush to the corner?

Is there color contrast concentrate to indicate the curb ramp?

Is the curb ramp painted red?

Is the top clearance of the curb ramp acceptable?

Is the side clearance of the curb ramp acceptable?

Is the curb ramp width acceptable?

Is there a clear, level landing at the top of the ramp?

Is there a clear, level landing at the bottom of the ramp?

Integer primary key for slope range

Char(3) primary key for codes denoting reason for ramp non-existence

Does a curb ramp exist?