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Daily IT Operations Checklist

Ensure you comply with the performance requirements of your service level agreements (SLA) and your overall IT system is in good health. Routine monitoring of the physical platform, the operating system, and essential components, combined with effective recovery plans, will help minimize and prevent system issues and downtime caused by storage failure, unsuccessful backup, drive issues, and more. Establish disaster recovery action plans and take preventative maintenance actions as needed to ensure reliability and availability of your IT systems. Customize this form to accommodate specific needs outlined by the system performance requirements. You can use this form in both on and offline environments.

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Daily IT Operations Checklist

Server Room




Server room lights working?

Server lights all blue?

Any UPS warning message(s)?

SAN lights all blue?

Switches functioning correctly?

A/C working and set to 18°C?

Please enter temperature

Dial tone on ADSL line(s)?

PABX and M2 voicemail systems working?

Previous night’s backup job(s) successful?

Backup tapes inserted for the following day(s)?

Test run of daily/monthly backup completed?

All virtual machines (servers) running?

Server Room Locked?

IT Officer




Remaining battery life of Conference Phone in Wattle Room checked. Is there a Dial Tone?

Percentage/Hours Remaining and /or Comment

Previous day’s Print jobs deleted from the HPM3035 MFP (Community Services) printer?

Email, Voicemail (Phone) messages reviewed? (Follow up if needed)

“Helpdesk” (Spiceworks) items messages reviewed and/or updated? (Follow up if needed)

OneNote items reviewed and/or updated? (Follow up if needed)