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Daily Office Cleaning Checklist App

Check that all janitorial tasks, including cleaning office spaces, restrooms, common and shared spaces, have been covered using this Daily Office Cleaning Checklist App. Ensure periodic cleaning standards are fulfilled by keeping accurate and up-to-date track of when each clean was performed. Design this form to meet your office’s cleaning requirements to ensure proper maintenance of the job site or workspace. This form is 100% customizable and works in both on and offline environments.

Daily Office Cleaning Checklist App iPhone, iPad Daily Office Cleaning Checklist App Android Daily Office Cleaning Checklist App Web, Desktop
Daily Office Cleaning Checklist App


Daily Cleaning Checklist


Clean, sanitize all fixtures & surrounding areas

Empty wastebaskets

Stock all dispensers

Sweep & wet mop floors

Clean mirrors

Vacuum all high traffic areas

Empty all interior wastebaskets

Empty all exterior trashcans & cigarette containers

Clean sink & table in conference rooms



Set up & break down Council Chambers (as needed)

Drinking fountain

Remove litter

Pick up loose trash around dumpster

Chlorinate pond

Secure all doors

Weekly Cleaning Checklist


Clean restroom walls

Check deodorizers

Vacuum all carpets

Spot clean carpets as needed

Wet mop vinyl floor in employee lounge

Wash dishes, clean sinks

Empty fridge and perishables

Clean all kitchenette and sinks

Wash out and clean elevator

Supplies needed