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Daily Plant Checklist

Complete a daily plant checklist prior to the plant being operated using this mobile checklist. Check for any visual signs of damage or wear, coolant, fuel, and oil levels, proper operation of breaks and levers, and more. Ensure a safe working environment for all workers and report any faults or defects for rectification measures. Customize this mobile checklist to accommodate the specific inspection guidelines at your plant or site of operation. This app works in both on and offline environments.

Daily Plant Checklist iPhone, iPad Daily Plant Checklist Android Daily Plant Checklist Web, Desktop
Daily Plant Checklist

Plant name

Plant location

Name of inspector

Title of role

Phone number

Visual check for damage and wear

Check tracks for wear/damage

Check coolant level

Check fuel level

Check oil level

Check air filters for clogging

Check flashing light

Check all control lamps, indicators, tachometer, hour meter

Check warning lights and gauges

Check condition of safety and warning labels

Check seat belt, ROPS/FOPS safety device

Check pins, pivots, rams, lift arms, bucket pins, bucket teeth

Check quick-hitch independent connector is secured (safety pin)

Check guards are secured and warning signs are legible

Check hydraulics and connections

Check operation of brakes, steering controls, levers, bucket before moving off

Check for excessive rust

Fire extinguisher present

Records hours reading