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Daily Trenching Log

Trenching requires and depends on highly specialized and technical employees to conduct daily inspections of a construction or excavation site. Use this Daily Trenching Log to document the trenching purpose, identify surface encumbrances, ensure all employees received protective training, etc., to maintain best trenching practices. Inform any corrective measures to promptly eliminate existing or predictable hazards and determine preventative measures to improve the safety of workers. Customize this app to accommodate specific trenching guidelines and inspection requirements. This app works in both on and offline environments.

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Daily Trenching Log

General Log Information



Reporter Name


Project Name

Project Location


Was One Call System contacted?

Protective system

Purpose of trenching

Were visual soil tests made?

If so, what type?

Type of Soil

Surface encumbrances?

If so, what type?

Water conditions

Hazardous atmosphere exists

Is trenching or excavation exposed to public vehicular traffic (exhaust emission)?

Measurements of trench




Is ladder within 25 feet of all workers?

Is excavated material stored two feet or more from edge of excavation?

Are employees exposed to public vehicular traffic?

Are other utilities protected?

Are sewer or natural gas lines exposed?

Periodic Inspection?

Did employees receive training in excavating?

Corrective Actions and Remarks?