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Damage Inspectors Documentation Form

Our Damage Inspectors Documentation app has been designed to allow an inspector to capture post-disaster documentation on structures within a disaster area. Information such as disaster information, general building information, and condition can be quickly recorded on-site. Photos and videos can be added for enhanced documentation, along with any other field notes. Create video clips with GPS integrated points, in order to give relief agencies and insurance companies a 360-degree view of the scene. Documenting structural hazards is critical for the safety of first responders on the scene assisting with cleanup and humanitarian aid. This app works offline, allowing you to capture data in situations with no internet signal. This app is also customizable to fit the needs of any agency needing PDA data fast, and works offline in situations with no internet signal.

Damage Inspectors Documentation Form iPhone, iPad Damage Inspectors Documentation Form Android Damage Inspectors Documentation Form Web, Desktop
Damage Inspectors Documentation Form

Disaster Info

Type of Disaster

Date of Disaster


Building Info

Building Address

Construction Type

Primary Use

Residence Info


Number of Stories

Number of Basements

Number of Units

Number of Units Vacated

Owner Info

Overall Conditions

Damage Type

Structural Hazards Overall

Hazardous Elements

Non-Structural Hazards

Geo-Technical Hazards

Utilities Disconnected

Has structure been evacuated?

Can structure be used for intended purpose?


Injury Details

Inspector Contact Info