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Earth Mat Test Form

Use this Earth Mat Test form to test the resistance of your conductive mat. Ensure that your earth mat is working properly to protect personnel and the equipment. Test the polarity, insulation, circuit continuity, and more to verify that the installation complies with electrical wiring regulations, and use the GPS feature to record exact installation locations. This form works with or without internet connection and can be customized to meet your requirements.

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Earth Mat Test Form

Details of the client


Installation Address

Contact Number

Details of the installation

Description of premises



Polarity test

Test value for installation

Continuity of Circuit Proctecticve Conductors (CPC)

Continuity of ring/radial circuits

Insulation Resistance Test


Conductors and Neutral

Conductors and Earth


Type protection


Continuity of earthing conductor

Proposed meter location

Amount charged



Test result