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Conservation Easement Ground Monitoring

When monitoring your Conservation Easements, it’s critical to collect all the relevant data to ensure that the monitoring visit meets legal standards. Use this easement monitoring form as is or as a template to create your own form to use as you monitor your conservation easements. Deploy the app to volunteers or staff remotely and have the ability to perform immediate review of the visit. Make sure your volunteers or staff are collecting the correct information the first time.

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Conservation Easement Ground Monitoring

Contact & Site Visit Information

Conservation Easement Name


Landowner/Manager Mailing Address

Landowner/Manager Phone

Property Photos

Site Visit

Visit Photos

Date of Site Visit

Weather and ground conditions

Reviewed conservation easement deed before visit?

Contacted landowner/manager before visit?

Met with landowner/manager during visit?

Landowner/manager participated in site walk?

Others present during site walk?

Walked boundaries?

Walked trails/woods roads?

Walked road frontage?

Walked interior?

Boundary Clarity, Issues & Posting



Land Trust Signs

Describe the boundary condition including status of flagging/blazing, presence of conservation easement signs, posting against uses and any other issues found.

Observations & Questions

Detailed narrative of your visit

Did you observe evidence of any major natural alterations (flooding, fire, blowdowns, other)?


Did you observe evidence of any human-caused alterations (new structures, trails, dredged ponds, agricultural use, timber harvest, trash dumping, soil erosion, signs other)?


Did any existing structures appear to be used for a new purpose?


Did you observe activities related to easement’s Reserved Rights?


Did you observe or learn of any third-party activities or plans (such as abutters, town, public users) that affect or have potential to affect the property?


Is there anything staff should double-check or consider further, in the event that it might apply to the conservation easement?


Any additional observations (such as significant ecological features, recommendations for next visit)?


Does the landowner have any questions or concerns?

List questions and your responses.

I have completed this Monitoring Field Form based on my personal site visit observations.



Reviewer Signature