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Elevator Safety Inspection Checklist

An elevator or escalator safety inspection checklist can now be conducted on any mobile device or tablet. Quickly drag and drop fields to create a customized mobile form to meet your state compliance requirements. Get forms filled out completely the first time while in the field, catalog photos and records for historical purposes and grab signatures when jobs are complete. Provide a transparent and accountable process for conducting safety inspections for every elevator and escalator inspected. Created by: Tony Bartenope of Pasco County School District

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Elevator Safety Inspection Checklist


Elevator Number

Is a current copy of the elevator inspection certificate posted?

Does the certificate contain the following information?

Date of Inspection

Signature of Inspector

Serial Number

Does the elevator have an emergency telephone system?

Is the emergency telephone system operational?

Is public Safety able to identify your location?

Is a sign or plate indicating the elevator’s maximum capacity posted in plain view?

Is the elevator properly lighted?

Are safety shields installed over the light fixture?

Is the elevator easily accessible by people with disabilities?

Are floor landings in good repair?

Is the elevator door working properly?

Is the elevator free of noises and vibrations while operating?

Is elevator door sensor operating properly?

Is there a visible sign indicating not to use the elevator in case of fire?

If fire sign is missing indicate floor.

Is the audible signal operating properly?

Are the direction indicator lights working properly?

Are the call buttons for all floors working properly?


Inspected By

Corrective action needs to be taken by