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Employee COVID-19 Safety Checklist

This checklist, developed by EHS Today, was designed to give employees at essential and nonessential businesses a way to self-report symptoms and other safety concerns related to the Coronavirus outbreak to management in order to prevent spread of COVID-19. It can be customized for use in any work environment.

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Employee COVID-19 Safety Checklist

Am I experiencing flu-like symptoms? (Fever, headache, body ache, difficulty breathing, cough)

Am I washing my hands frequently enough?

Are hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes available in my work area?

Am I using hand sanitizers and/or wipes when entering and leaving my work area?

Do I have the proper protective equipment (PPE) I need to do my job safely?

Is my PPE clean?

Did I get a new mask and gloves at the beginning of my shift, after breaks and after lunch?

Am I disposing of my used masks and gloves in designated waste bins?

Am I practicing 6-foot distancing in my work area, during breaks, and when I enter and leave the workplace?

Have I wiped down company phones and my cell phone before and after use?

Is there anyone in the building I am sure should not be here?

Did I put my work clothes in the laundry bin at the end of the day?