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Energy Meter Audit Form

Use an energy audit form to survey electrical usage and energy consumption in your home, a commercial building, or industrial space. Verify that all electrical equipment has been properly maintained between major renovations to ensure individual meters reflect actual energy consumption. Record accurate meter data and understand what devices are drawing current and when. Customize this form to accommodate the auditing requirements specific to your building type and purpose. This mobile form works in both on and offline environments.

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Energy Meter Audit Form

Site Data

Building Name


Building Square Footage

Date of Last Major Renovation

Age of Building

Purpose of Building

Number of Floors

Daily Operational Hours

Days of Use per Week

Name of Utility Company

Total Number of Occupants

Organizational Information

Name of Organization

Name of Contact

Contact E-mail


Phone Number

Please check all that apply

If the building is leased, when is the lease up for renewal?

How long does the lease contract last?

Building Data

Floor Name or Number

Activity Type

Floor Square Footage or % of Building Area

Number of Occupants

Daily Operational Hours

Annual Utility Consumption

Building Name



Electricity Cost

Electricity Rate

Natural Gas

Natural Gas Rate


Water Cost

Where another fuel type is being used, please explain where and why it is being used

Amount of the additional fuel type used per year

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems

What type of HVAC system does the building have (e.g., constant volume, multi-zone, VAV, etc.)?

What fuel type does this system use?

How is the HVAC system controlled (e.g., manually, DDC system, etc.)?

What are the operational setpoints?

What type of chilled water system does the building have, where relevant (e.g., rotary screw chillers with cooling towers, etc.)?

How old is the chilled water system?

What is the capacity of the system?

Do any of these systems have weather optimization sensors? If so, which systems and what brand of sensor?

Who is responsible for managing and trouble-shooting the control system?

Are there any recurring or major occupant complaints about being too hot, too cold, etc.?

What energy efficiency efforts have been completed, started, or planned?

Are any capital improvement projects planned? If so, what are they and how will they affect the energy use of the building?

Please select what is currently installed at the building: