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Evacuee Information

Use this app to collect information about evacuees that remain in an emergency shelter after the disaster has passed. It is important to document those displaced by a natural disaster, and with this app, volunteers can record the names, family size, ages and more about evacuees. Additionally, this app has fields to document whether extended family members know the individuals are safe, important medications, photos of the evacuees, their home address, why the evacuee cannot return home, whether they have insurance, and so much more. This app can easily be modified to meet a disaster relief organization’s specific criteria, and works offline in case of no internet access.

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Evacuee Information

Evacuee Information

What is your name?

How old are you?

Your Gender

How many members of your household are also at this shelter?

Please list the names and ages of family members that are currently at this shelter

Do extended family members and friends know that you are safe?

Are there any medications that you or your family members need immediately?

Please list any medications needed immediately

Photos of evacuee(s)

Residence Information

What is your home address?

Which do you live in...

Does your family own your house/condo?

Why have you not been able to return home?

Have you contacted your insurance company?

If this shelter closes, will you have anywhere to stay until your residence is habitable again?

Shelter and Volunteer Info


Shelter Name

Volunteer Name