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Faulty Network Billing Checklist

Use this Faulty Network Billing Checklist to handle all telecom services that are provided to manage faulty networks. Take photos of the faulty network excavations, collect GPS coordinates of faulty locations, and document how many technicians and technician hours were required to handle and resolve the issues. Ensure a proper audit of the network issue and an accurate documentation of the services provided and their charges. This mobile checklist is 100% customizable and can be used in both on and offline environments.

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Faulty Network Billing Checklist


Has all trouble shooting been completed as per ND0563 v2.4 before excavating?

Terminal ID / Service enclosure ID where Faulty Network claim has originated from

Faulty Network Category

Evidence Cam Image of location before excavation to give perspective of where fault was

Evidence Cam Image of network fault (What have you found)

Evidence Cam Image of network repair (What did you repair)

Faulty Network Code

Breakdown of Time in units & Materials

Number of Technicians on site

Total time for testing, locating, excavation & repair per technician

Total time for closure of excavations, & soft / temp reinstatement per technician

Total time for quality control

Total time claimed by techs on site?

Breakdown of materials used, e.g. 100m ruggedize, 2x bags top soil

Total cost of materials used



Technician Name