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Fiber Ready Scoping App

A fiber ready solution provides high speed, reliable, and secure internet connectivity. Such a solution may require residential remodeling or construction projects to lay the proper network and infrastructure that is needed for a fiber ready home. Use this scoping app to address any safety or environmental issues, identify consents required, and record accurate locations of each fiber network component. Customize this form to ensure your scoping guidelines cover all areas needed to maximize the home’s service quality. This form will work in both on and offline environments.

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Fiber Ready Scoping App


What work type is to be completed?

Was a half scope or full scope completed?

Type of network

Specific skills required?

Other requirements?

Customer consent granted? Written is mandatory if on site with the customer.

Customer / Job Details



Job Instructions

Detailed description of works required

Add labelled photos using the 'inote HD' app

Health, Safety and Environmental Issues

Underfloor access?

Ceiling access?

Location of ETP?

Gas detector required?

Dogs on site?

Consents Required

Right of way?

Multi dwelling unit?

Heritage site or Building?


Water in chambers?

Tapes in place?

FAT location?

Cabinet location?

Distance from boundary to ETP?

Internal information

WYAH materials?

Preferred location of ONT?

Preferred location of RGW?

Additional notes


Ultra-Fast Broadband Installation Consent

SignatureIf you are not the person who ordered service (the customer), please confirm that you are authorised to represent the customer.

Outside property consent

Hole excavation and trenching?

Removal of concrete/tiling/pavement?

Installation of conduit(s)?

Removal of existing copper line to the house?


Inside property consent

Drilling small holes?

Cutting holes in walls?

Exposed surface wiring?

Removal of ceiling tiles?

Surface mounted installation and hardware?


End user signature

Authorized technician signature