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Food Service Health and Safety

The Food Service Health and Safety app is designed to aid with an inspection of a food service facility according to general standards of health and safety. The app has fields for general establishment information, including choice lists for a variety of establishment types and inspection categories. The app includes a section for assessment of a wide range of categories from food preparation to employee hygiene. This app can always be modified to fit different health and safety standards.

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Food Service Health and Safety

Establishment Information

Name of Establishment


License Number


Type of Establishment

Inspection Category

Seating Capacity

Water Supply

Number of Employees



Approved Source

Purchasing and Receiving

Acceptable Containers and Labeling

Food Remarks or Infractions

Food Storage

Storage of Potentially Haz. Foods

Frozen Storage

Refrigerated Storage Temperature

Refrigerated Storage Methods

Refrigerated Storage Space

Dry Storage

Storage Remarks or Infractions

Food Preparation

Thawing Methods

Cooking Methods

Holding Methods

Cooling Methods

Reheating Methods

Handling Methods

Preparation Remarks or Infractions

Food Display / Service

Display Methods

Advance Preparation

Display Remarks or Infractions


Demonstration of Knowledge

Employee Health

Personal Hygiene Practices

Personnel Remarks or Infractions

Food Equipment and Utensils

Food Equipment

Food Contact Surfaces

Mechanical Dishwashing

Manual Dishwashing

Eating Utensils and Dishes

Equipment Remarks or Infractions

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Cleaning Schedule

Detergent and Chemical Use and Storage

Cleaning Remarks or Infractions

Sanitary Facilities

Staff Restroom

Public Restroom

Hand Washing Sink

Utility / Janitor Sink

Sanitation Remarks or Infractions





Interior Remarks or Infractions

Water and Waste


Sewage Disposal

Solid Waste Handling

Water Remarks or Infractions

Lighting and Ventilation



Lighting and Ventilation Remarks or Infractions



Rodents and Insects

Other Infraction

General Remarks or Infractions