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Fuel Station Inspection

Fueling and service stations must be checked regularly to ensure safety standards are being met. The Fuel Station Inspection app is built for site visits to fueling stations to document how servicing is performed, how waste is handled at the facility, and analyze emergency response protocols. The app is completely customizable to suit the needs of your facility and works with or without an internet connection.

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Fuel Station Inspection

Inspection Date

Facility Name

Facility Address

Facility Contact Person

Phone Number

General Inspection

Number of Employees

Utilities Present

Who services pumps?

Are spill kits on site?

Retail store on site?

How are damaged / waste products handled?

Spill kits located in store?

Car wash on site?

Who services car wash?

How often is car wash serviced?

Who is contacted in the event of a spill?

Fire Department?


Corporate Contact Person?

Corporate Contact Name

Environmental Company / Agency?

Environmental Contact Name

Site Photos