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Harmful Algae Bloom Survey

Our red tide and harmful algae survey app can be used for collecting and documenting the conditions of red tide or similar harmful algal blooms. Sections include water sample information, site conditions, and fish kill reports. The app also includes a detailed classification set of fish species commonly found in Florida. Take photos and videos of fish kills, drop GPS points, and make field notes easily. This app is fully customizable and can be used online or offline, in times of no internet signal.

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Harmful Algae Bloom Survey

HAB Sample Info

Sample Date

HAB Type

Sample Depth



Site Location

Number of Samples Taken

Sample Collector

Site Conditions

Water Type

Water Body Type

Salinization Level

Secchi Measurement (Feet)


Visible Fish Kill?

Fish Kill Info

Primary species of killed fish

Estimated number of fish killed

Photos of species