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Heavy Equipment Inspection App

This app allows you to capture detailed inspections of heavy construction equipment. It has fields to track the status of safety equipment and overall mechanical function. It can be used to track routine maintenance requirements and defects. It uses a signature field to capture a permanent record of the inspection. You can fully customize the form by adding and removing your own fields to suit your needs.

Heavy Equipment Inspection App iPhone, iPad Heavy Equipment Inspection App Android Heavy Equipment Inspection App Web, Desktop
Heavy Equipment Inspection App

Basic Information

Inspection Date

Inspection Time

Equipment Type

Unit #


Tires or Tracks

Hydraulic Oil

Hose Condition

Oil Leak / Lube

Cab, Mirrors, Seat Belt and Glass

Horn and Gauges


Turn Signal

Backup Lights and Alarm

Brake Condition (Dynamic Service, Park, etc.)

Fire Extinguisher Condition

Engine Oil

Transmission Fluid

Brake Fluid

Cooling System Fluid

Windshield Wipers and Fluid

Coupling Devices and Connectors

Exhaust System

Blade / Boom / Ripper Condition

Ground Engaging Attachments

Frame, Ladders and Walkway

Hand Grabs and Steps

Power Cable and/or Hoist Cables

Steering (Standard and Emergency)

Additional Information

Does equipment emit noise levels above 90 decibels?

If so, has an 8-hour noise dosimetry test been performed?

Document results of noise dosimetry

Maintenance Completed

Defects and Repairs Needed

General Safety Condition

Operator or Mechanic's Signature