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Height Safety Inspection Checklist

Conduct a careful inspection of your construction site’s height safety to ensure all workers are operating within safe working environments. Make sure there is a clear understanding of the anchorage plan layout, installation safety manual, emergency rescue plans, etc. Ensure the cables are properly installed onto equipment, load tests have been conducted, anchorages are accessible, and more to eliminate potential fall hazards. Customize this form to accommodate the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements specific to your construction zone. Use this mobile checklist in both on and offline environments.

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Height Safety Inspection Checklist

General Information

Inspector Name

Building Name

Building No.

Building Location



Is there an anchorage plan/rigging layout?

Is there a user instruction manual?

Is there a manufacturer’s test report confirming the system meets the attachment material requirements?

Has the system been inspected within the last 6 to 12 months (jurisdiction dependent)?

Is there a documented rescue plan that doesn’t rely on calling 000?

Is the installation certified by the installer to the manufacturer’s requirement?

Have you sighted evidence of installer training by the manufacturer?


Is there safe access to the system? Can you reach the anchor system safely?

Is the layout/rigging plan suitable for the required tasks?

Are there fall hazards on the path to the system?


Is each anchorage individually tagged?

Are the anchorages and cables installed to the manufacturer’s requirements?

Have end terminal swaged fittings and swageless fittings been load tested?

Have the swage load tests been recorded?


Is there evidence of corrosion?

Is the anchor rigid?

Is the static line cable taut?

Are the penetrations sealed?

Is the substrate in good condition?