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Home and Business Wireless Install Site Survey

Before implementing wireless network and hardware installations, companies are advised to conduct a site survey for scoping and planning installation procedures. To service a seamless wireless integration for your next client, use this survey app to document the site layout, network environment, challenges in implementation, and other details of the installation process. Use this app to get familiar with the installation site and guarantee quality service for your next home or business client. You can customize this mobile form to accommodate the needs of your company and even use the survey out to areas with no internet signal.

Home and Business Wireless Install Site Survey iPhone, iPad Home and Business Wireless Install Site Survey Android Home and Business Wireless Install Site Survey Web, Desktop
Home and Business Wireless Install Site Survey

Site Information


Square footage of Facility (approx.)

Square footage of Coverage (approx.)

Number of Floors

Number of Buildings

Ceiling Height

Ceiling Material

Floor Material


Current Topology

Data/Network Environment

Special Facility Considerations

Minimum Temperature

Maximum Temperature

Intrinsically Safe?

Eye Protection?

Ear Protection?

Foot Protection?


Technician's Report

Site Survey Information

Total Days spent onsite

Primary Site Contact

Additional Site Contact(s)

Site Address

Day 1


Time of Arrival

Time of Departure

Daily Summary

Specific Challenges

Specific problems encountered during the Site Survey

Specific problems that could be encountered at the time of installation

Man-Lift Requirement

Site Survey Report Summary

Date Started

Time Started

Date Completed

Time Completed

Site Survey Summary

Time spent Onsite

Time spent for Documentation

Total Time for Services