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Home Water Quality Survey

Use this app to discover how your neighbors are consuming water. What are the sources of their drinking water? How are they consuming the water? Track these usages over time.

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Home Water Quality Survey

Personal Information

What is your main source of drinking water?

Which sex are you?

What is your age?

Personal Habits

Do you have a grass lawn?

If you either hire someone to mow or you mow your own grass, how are the grass clippings disposed?

Please specify the method for the disposal of grass clippings

Do you fertilize your lawn at anytime during the year?

How often do you fertilize your lawn?

During which months do you normally fertilize you lawn?

Does your fertilizer contain phosphorus?

Where do you wash your personal vehicle(s)?

When you wash your car at home, where does the soapy water flow?

Do you walk your pet?

Personal Opinion

How would you rate the taste of the tap water?

How would you rate the quality of our local waterways (rivers, lakes, and bays)?

Which of the following water quality issues do you think impact our local waters the most?

How much would you be willing to pay per year to clean up the local waters?