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Indoor Air Quality Checklist

Indoor air quality (IAQ) references the quality of air in a home, school, office, or any other building. The concentrations of some pollutants indoors can be up to five times higher than typical outdoor concentrations, which can be detrimental to the health of the immunocompromised. The performance of hazard surveillance rounds, as it relates to IAQ, provides a key opportunity to identify IAQ issues. This checklist can be used to supplement hazard surveillance rounds and incorporate items related to IAQ.

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Indoor Air Quality Checklist

Indoor Air Quality Checklist




Inspection Type

Inspection Item

General Inspection Items

Staining or water intrusion evidence?

General cleanliness? (dust, stains from spills)

No evidence of pests?

Trash management in place?

No evidence of active mold growth or previous mold contamination?


HVAC System(s) operating properly?

Air intakes clear?

Location of air intakes away from sources? (diesel exhaust, smoking areas, trash storage)

Filters changes performed according to hospital PM?

Supply and return vents clear and unobstructed?

Exhaust fans working and unobstructed?

Rooftop drains clear and unobstructed?

HVAC units/cabinets clean and free of dirt build-up?

HVAC drains clear and unobstructed?

Drip pans clear and clean of debris?

UV lights (if applicable) on and working properly?


Floor drains and traps clear and unobstructed?

Floor traps have adequate water?

No evidence of standing water or odors near drains?

Construction/Renovation Items

ICRA completed for project?

All affected departments notified of project?

Air vents isolated and sealed prior to work?

Dust mats provided at work entrances?

HEPA vacuuming is available and being performed?

Wet mop available for dust control?

Critical barriers in place to mitigate dust spread?

Plastic bags and sealed carts are used to remove debris from construction/demolition site?

Airborne dust measurements being performed?

HEPA systems in place during construction/demolition?

Infection control notified prior to project?

Environmental services notified prior to project?

Environmental, Health and Safety notified prior to project?

Third party environmental sampling parties available if needed?