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Light Tower Inspection Checklist

Light tower inspections should be performed periodically both for maintenance and as a preventative measure. Keep a detailed and accurate record of damage or adjustments on conditions of light lenses, mast cables, fixtures, and more using this quick and easy checklist. Increase return on investment and lower equipment costs in the long run. This mobile app can be customized to suit your specific needs and can be used with or without an internet connection.

Light Tower Inspection Checklist iPhone, iPad Light Tower Inspection Checklist Android Light Tower Inspection Checklist Web, Desktop
Light Tower Inspection Checklist

Light Tower Unit/ID

Light Tower Location

Hour Meter Reading

Make/Model #

Operator Name

Operator Signature

Date Completed

Visual Inspection


Mast Winch

Mast Cable

Mast Cradle Locking Pin

Light Fixtures

Electrical Box

Electrical Wiring

Light Lens

Energy Source

Fire Extinguisher (if fitted)

Ignition & Electrical System

Engine Belts

Air Filter

Safety/Warning Decals


GFCI Outlet

Electrical Load Cables & Wiring


Defect Details

Defect Photos