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NAA Alertness Assessment App

Fatigue management is critical in ensuring sustaining safe aviation practices. This Alertness Assessment App is designed based on the qualifications of the National Aeronautic Association’s (NAA) duty and rest guidelines for business aviation. Use this simple and on-the-go mobile assessment tool to ensure safe industry practices for duty and rest scheduling. This form is 100% customizable to suit your specific assessment needs and works in both on and offline environments.

NAA Alertness Assessment App iPhone, iPad NAA Alertness Assessment App Android NAA Alertness Assessment App Web, Desktop
NAA Alertness Assessment App

How much sleep have you had in he past 24 hours?

What time did you last get to sleep?

What time did you last wake up?

How would you rate the quality of sleep you had last night?

Where did you get the majority of your sleep in the past 24 hours?

Please rate how fatigued you currently feel.

How much duty time have you had in the past 24 hours?

How much flight time have you had in the past 24 hours?