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Odorization Report App

Many types of gases are odorized using a strong-smelling substance as they are odorless but potentially dangerous. There are many areas in which gas odorization can be applied, such as in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) loading, natural gas pressure regulation systems, or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) regasification. Perform a routine gas odorization report using this app to ensure safety and consistency in odorant levels. Keep an up-to-date record of the tank capacity, odorant used, the odorization rate, and more. Gather accurate data on when and where each inspection is performed and customize the app to suit your specific regulatory guidelines.

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Odorization Report App



Odorizor location

Odorization date

Time period

Odorizer information



Tank capacity

Brand name of odorants used

Odorant usage

Odorant in tank at first of the month

Odorant added during this month

Total odorant to account for

Odorant in tank at the end of the month

Odorant used during this month

Gas delivery this month

Rate of odorization in lb. or gal. / mmcf