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Oil Rig Mud Pump Inspection

Created specifically for drilling equipment inspectors and others in the oil and gas industry, the Oil Rig Mud Pump Inspection app allows you to easily document the status and safety of your oil rigs using just a mobile device. Quickly resolve any damage or needed maintenance with photos and GPS locations and sync to the cloud for easy access. The app is completely customizable to fit your inspection needs and works even without an internet signal.

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Oil Rig Mud Pump Inspection

Company Information

Operating Company

Company Contact

Drilling/Servicing Company

Drilling/Service Company Address



Safety Manager

Rig Information

Rig #



Well #

Well Name




OSHA Inspection #

Number of Employees on Site

Number of Employees Total


Depth of Well

Days on Location

Start Date

Completion Date



Ton Miles Logged

Other Employers on Site

Inspection Details

Date of Inspection

Time of Inspection

Closing Date

Closing Time

Inspected By

Type of Inspection

Type of servicing operation conducted

BOP Test

Mud Pump Area

1 All belts, drive chains, gears, shafts and drives guarded

2 Poney rods guarded

3 Rotating parts guarded

4 Mud pump head and valve covers fully bolted

5 Shear pin pop-off valve properly covered

6 Ends of relief lines, high pressure lines, etc secured

7 Ends of mud vibrator hose snubbed

8 Pressure relief valves installed

9 General housekeeping of the area

10 Adequate lighting provided

11 Approved lighting for the location available

12 High pressure fitting used in high pressure system

13 Discharge lines from relief valves are anchored

14 Pumps, piping, hoses, valves and other fittings are maintained in good operating condition

15 Pumps, piping, hoses, valves and other fittings not operated at pressures greater than working pressures

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